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Acid Rivers copper bracelets

These are from my new line of copper bracelets called Acid Rivers.
These look great worn over a black turtle neck sleeve. Or even try it over a violet, emerald green or fushia sleeve for real wow factor! I’m selling them now so do get in touch if you’re interested in making one of them yours.
I used copper as my material of choice  because I wanted a rustic feel to them that I think copper inherently possesses, and most importantly I love the way copper patinates. It takes so well to heat colouring as well as applied patinas. These bracelets were based on my copper Rivers bracelet that I made several years ago. I always planned to try them out in silver, but I finally decided that they would look richer, warmer, deeper and have more soul in copper than in silver.
Many people I know love copper and love to wear it, and I believe it needs a chance to shine just as precious metals do as it has a beauty and merit of its own.
In addition to this, copper has been used through the ages to alleviate a variety of health related problems, on all continents and throughout most cultures. Although the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of copper have been recognized since ancient times, modern science is now expressing an increased interest into the function of copper in human health.

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