‘Love Life’ acrylic bracelets

‘Flame & Sky’ Love Life acrylic bracelets

Hello everyone!

I would like to introduce my ‘Love Life’  acrylic bracelets in ‘Sky’ and ‘Flame’.They are my latest exploration of, what for me, is a new material. I am currently adding to this collection with the making of ‘Inferno’ (you guessed it, in red) for the woman with a firey nature!

I love the fluorescent colours with the ‘live edge’ effect that make these bracelets look like they are lit from within. They are truly luminous and add pizazz and a ‘smile’ to any wardrobe!

Acrylic sheets are available in solid or opaque, clear transparent and translucent range of colours but the fl

uorescent (transluscent) ones are my faves as they really come alive!

The fluorescent range has interesting lively hues available for splashing out this summer (which they predict to be a scorcher in London by the way)! If you can believe it! If you can’t, then let the colours you wear be your inspiration and expression! Colours have such an impact on our emotions and I found this great blog that discusses and informs on colour trends and makes the whole subject of colour so exciting! A great one for the designers out there! It’s called e:mix.( Right now, Tangerine is the colour of the month (like the ‘Flame’ acrylic bracelet!) and you can see how this colour is applied in various ways by designers from all over. So interesting!

As for these acrylic bracelets, maybe it’s time to invest in a piece of happiness!

‘Sky & Inferno’ Love Life acrylic bracelets


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