Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb – An interactive playful ring with grit

Bespoke man's multi-wear thumb ring

Who out there remembers this great Dr. Seuss book (Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb)? I was an avid Dr. Seuss reader as a child (well, my mother read them all to my brother and I and we absolutely devoured them with excitement!).

This is a  bespoke ring with the brief being simply to make a thumb ring, in silver, that was specially made for my client with him in mind and that no one else would have.
That was pretty open, so I went a little further, and created a ring that can be worn 5 or more different ways [a multi-wear ring as I call it] so that he never gets bored (just as we never got bored of my mom reading the same Dr. Seuss stories night after night – each time feeling like it was the first!).

Being able to create a different look as the feeling grabs him, this ring becomes interactive and playful! (Again, the Dr. Seuss experience!) For example, just by spinning it to misalign it, gives it a whole other look.

The photos below depict some of the different ways it can be worn. I didn’t photograph it as a single band, but of course that’s one of the many options!

Bespoke man multi-wear ring

This image shows the ways in which it can be worn. But don’t forget it can be worn singly as well!

And now to bring you behind the scenes with a couple of pics of the making and a few idea development sketches.

Hope you enjoy them…

Flat metal with stopout

Two rings shaped

Thumb ring development sketches_1

Thumb ring development sketches_2

Thumb ring development sketches_3

And below, my beginnings in art, inspired by ‘Hand Hand, Fingers, Thumb’ a childhood drawing based on the book…

My childhood drawing inspired by the book “Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb’


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