Concept jewellery

Animate/Inanimate jewellery?

The Vase Ring with an orange Daisy

One of my latest designs is a concept ring. The Vase Ring. It’s all about frivolity and fickleness. The idea is to buy a flower (or two or three) that you love and to WEAR it!

I think most people would agree that a bouquet of flowers lifts the soul. The freshness, the colours, the smell… Flowers can make you smile…breathe…relax and just take you away from the daily woes for a few moments. A moment is all we need to change the space in our minds. Everything in life is in flux and the Vase Ring reflects this.

When the flower wilts, the idea is to cut another one from the same bouquet or to simply change the flower at your whim and fancy! This ring is for sheer lightness of being and meant to reflect one’s ever-changing moods (or conversely, it may be the catalyst of a mood change).

Whatever the case, it’s fleeting and exhilirating. It may last for an hour or it may hold up through that chi chi cocktail party you’re planning to go to. You will be wearing a conversation piece on your hand. Enjoy the flair, the fun, the levity and the looks you’ll get. The Vase Ring is a real attention grabber.

I came up with this idea when my very good friend’s birthday was approaching. She LOVES flowers and she loves my jewellery. So it hit me. What if she could WEAR her flowers?!

She loves her ring but as a person who gesticulates alot, she prefers to insert a plastic flower. This too invites alot of attention and draws many smiles she says. Ultimately, the ring has potential to be your creative outlet, however it was designed as a concept ring and it’s true purpose is to house a live, fresh flower that bursts with colour! It’s not about the ring, it’s about the flower, and it’s about YOU!


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