Mixed media jewellery

Fear & Desire

The two materials I’ve been using of late have merged in this silver and acrylic ring which embodies a subject matter often investigated in psychoanalysis, literature and art.

I was given the theme of Fear and Desire. I saw desire as being red, that was pretty clear in my mind. The shape of desire here is that of a soft curve. I knew that fear had to be edgy, jaggedy. So I fashioned the silver component with a jagged hand, and then, married the two. The thin edge of the silver is oxydised (blackened) to deepen the fear element. This is but a subtle touch that can be seen when viewing the ring on the side. In this ring the ‘fear’ is visible through the ‘desire’. Interesting if you think of this in human terms. Can we conceal our fear or does it show through even our desires?

Fear and desire merged, married, layered, overlapped, fused. Like love and hate, is there also a thin line between fear and desire?


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