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Made in Clerkenwell Winter Sale 2010

Love Life Acrylic earrings_inferno with Fondue ‘Nibs’ and Fondue ‘Long stud’

Alas it’s time to begin thinking about Christmas! Christmas you say?!! I say, have you not seen all the Christmas Pudding and Panetone lining the grocery aisles since the beginning of September?!

I know, it’s ridiculously early, but I’m here to let you know that this year’s holiday pressie shopping need not be a hectic, unnerving, overwhelming, fluster-producing, exasperating ordeal. No need to get hot, tired and cranky, I’m here like an angel to tell you it can be a feather-light, exciting, inspiring and oh so fun experience! Just mark it in your calendar, show up, et voilà! Easy peasy! You’ll find a plethora of uniquely designed hand-made gifts for everyone on your list all in one go! Approximately 90 designer-makers, one of whom is moi, will be selling their creations. On hand for your visual titillation will be everything from jewellery, fashion, interior products, ceramics, accessories to traditional crafts all under 2 rooves! Yes 2! But breathe easy, they are just a stone’s throw away from each other. This is Christmas shopping made easy people! Believe it! You’ll be over and done with a whole month in advance! :D! So while the unknowing ‘others’ are frantically sweating it out and stressing, scurrying from one place to the other, cutting it oh so close, you’ll have your buns in a comfy chair, sipping hot toddies in your local with flushed cheeks and a big warm smile from ear to ear, enjoying the real festive season the way it should be enjoyed!

So I hope to see you there from 25-28th of November! Please come and chit chat with me and see (and buy if you so fancy) the pieces from my expanded Fondue collection as well as some of my acrylic work.

The holiday angel has spoken…

Fondue ‘Nibs’ stud earrings

For details of this event go to


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