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Peep! Some little bits of news…

My workbench at home with bits from the Fondue collection

Well it has been a long time since you’ve heard a peep from me, but here I am! Checking in! Saying hello. Giving you abit of news.

Oh how procrastination can be so easy (and unsettling).

Well here I am, and I’m working on making more of the Fondue collection for Platform Gallery in Hatton Garden and hopefully soon for a pop-up shop in a 5 star hotel somewhere in London. At this moment in time I still don’t know where though and it’s kind of exciting. Feels like a rave party where you only find out at the last minute where you’re going!

And oh, I will soon have a profile page with Stylistic Gallery when they launch their site in April and right now you can see my pieces on their facebook page. Stylistic Gallery on Facebook

My Fondue collection is looking good, taking on new forms each time. I’m excited about the new ring for MEN!!! Yes I have a very chunky funky man’s Fondue ring! (Watch this space for a photo soon!). AND, I’ll be exploring BLACK DIAMONDS!! Ooooooo I find that oh so thrilling! But enough about that now, more on that next time. Can’t give it all away in one go!

So that’s my little peep for today! Stay tuned. Bear with my procrastination! I actually love writing for my blog! Happy happy joy joy!! Feels so good to be back! ; )

Back again soon soon…


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