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Fondue on the Platform

Man’s chunky Fondue ring

Hi beautiful people, followers of designy, arty and soul-opening stuff!

Just a little peek-a-boo to say hey-ho before I go home for a few weeks I can go with a smile on my face with my Fondue collection on the platform!

Platform Gallery that is.

Until April 15th you can find my Fondue collection at Platform Gallery in Hatton Garden as part of the Work in Progress showcase organised by Holts Academy.

I’ve a new addition to the Fondue family and that is the chunky man’s ring, in a serious Fondue-stylee! Gentlemen check it out. You want to say “cool, masculine, funk”? Hot-up your digits with one of these, baby!

A hip statement on the thumb or index finger! oo la la!

And of course, lots for the ladies…

And on this note, I jet off to Montréal!

A bientôt les amis!


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