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Sprouting fingers with the Vase Ring

Garden of Vase Rings

‘Flowers are the sweetest things God ever made, and forgot to put a soul into.’
– Henry Beecher, Life Thoughts, 1858

Imagine this…
An intoxicating perfume wafts from your hand, drawing in eyes from every direction to a beautiful fresh cut flower that sits on your…

A gerbera, a chrysanthemum, a rose…

What tickles your fancy? None the matter, as the Vase Ring is the platform for your fickle desires.

The Pink Gerbera Vase Ring

The Deep Purple Chrysanthemum Vase Ring

The Two-tone Wild Chrysanthemum Vase Ring

The satin brush finish silver base is simply the vessel that houses your expression. The Vase Ring evokes the senses, draws in smiles, catalyses conversations as well as new friendships.
After it’s creation slightly more than a year ago, I’m happily and officially launching the ilanaDesign Vase Rings (see my blog entry on July 16, 2010)! So yes, that means they are now available for you to dress up your fingers!


And I had a fun photo shoot with Image Outlet, a new photography studio based in East London ( Emma Job, with her talents, brought my creation to life.

During the shoot it felt like the flowers were actors on a stage, like models working hard under hot lights and it was like a story in itself so I took a few snaps of the photo shoot (please don’t cringe at my lack of photographic talents!) 😉

The actors without makeup in position

Photo shoot for Vase rings

Working hard under the hot lights

So, I wonder, what flower would you wear?
I leave you with a quote by Emma Goldman:

‘I’d rather have roses on my finger than diamonds on my neck.’
– Emma Goldman, political activist

Ok so she actually said ‘I’d rather have roses on my table…’, but I took the liberty of exercising my artistic license. Sorry Emma! But gosh she looks sweet in that Yellow Rose Vase Ring!

Emma Goldman wears Vase Ring

Ms Goldman wears coveted ilanaDesign Vase Ring with Rose


5 thoughts on “Sprouting fingers with the Vase Ring

  1. As proud owner of the very first vase ring, I’m in the enviable position of having been able to wear it through the seasons starting with the red birthday gerbera it came with in May 2010, through to fragrant jasmin in the summer, delicate ghost flowers at Helloween followed by snowdrops and daffodils. In winter you can also wear your ring on top of a glove and bring some summer sparkle into the metropolitan greyness that surrounds most of us unfortunates in the Northern hemisphere that time of the year…

  2. Ms Goldman looks much more mysterious than my friend Leonardos painting Mona Lisa, but i can tell exactly what she’s thinking, “Bet everyone’s gonna be so jealous when they see my Flower Ring at the ball, thanx Ilana, you’re a star” o-)

  3. hahaha, Great! Well I think she’s trying not to look too excited just cuz that’s her personality, she can’t betray her true feelings that are bursting inside with excitement from the joy that ring brings her! ; )

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