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Get inspired London!

Last night at the stroke of six, in the vibrant Brick Lane quarter, the pre-launch of a book put together and published by the creative organisation We Make London was the place to be. We Make London’s mandate is to support British designer-makers by offering them the opportunity to affordably sell and promote their work to a wider market through events and fairs. (We love people who love and support us!) The book they just published is called Inspired: London – A guide to handmade in London and showcases 162 designers and 92 creative organisations that support the handmade movement throughout London.

Book cover – Inspired: London

The turnout was successful with a packed room aplenty of designer/makers and their peeps, design-seekers, press and design followers. The buzz of a constant stream of chatter, bubbly floating about, and a book in almost every hand made it a brilliant evening of socialising teeming with design inspiration.

Inspired pre launch – auction

Inspired pre launch – selling books

As the books were almost literally flying off the table at their special price of the night of £10.99 (regularly priced at £12.99), a silent auction – of the works of several of the designers who are featured in the book – was taking place with irresistibly tempting starting bids. I myself was auctioning my black rhodium plated Fondue bangle  with a starting bid way below my wholesale price! : )

Fondue bangle – black rhodium plated

Hope you enjoyed this little journey through the pre-launch event of Inspired: London – A guide to handmade in London.

And remember to keep that discerning eye of yours peeled in the upcoming months in bookshops around London and feel free to flip through the colourful pages of Inspired: London that is oozing with British talent!

This one would make a cool and out-of-the-ordinary gift for that person you know who always seeks out designed/handmade unique items of all sorts, but then again, that person may be YOU!

Inspired London
Inspired London
Inspired London


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