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Sexy, sinewy and stackable

Pile it on this summer as it seems that stacking jewellery is what’s trending. According to Vogue it’s en vogue les amies! And here they give you a bit of insight into how it’s done. If not from me, take it from the fashionistas who know!

Sinew rings – stackable silver rings with yellow and rose gold plating

Sinew rings – stackable silver rings with yellow and rose gold plating

But if you DO ask me, I think stacking fine rings looks sexy and smashing! Just gives it that ‘umph’ elevating that ring to another level. And now it’s not just about stacking your jewellery, but stacking with personal flair. So mix those metals, textures, finishes, colours shapes and sizes for richness and depth that reflects your playfulness and uniqueness.

For more ‘how to’s’ of stacking have a peek at this.

My Sinew rings are silver and rose and yellow gold plated. The gold will just warm you up on those days the sun ain’t shining.

Sinew rings

Sinew rings

The Twotone spiral bangle, even though it’s just one bangle, has the visual effect of stacking, but you don’t have to stop there, just go for a little rummage in that jewellery box of yours (or mum’s or grandma’s) and marry it with an old vintage bangle (or two, or three…)!

TwoTone Spiral bangle

TwoTone Spiral bangle

The message this summer?

  • Mix it up

  • Experiment

  • Play!

So make sure you give your rings and things some playmates and be fresh, light and free!


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