My name is Ilana Levine and I am an artist/designer and the creator of ilanaDesign. My company comprises jewellery making and design, as well as artwork.

I emerged into jewellery making from my educational qualifications in graphic design and fine arts which I studied back home in my native Montreal. Through my practice I seize every opportunity to design and create something new, fresh and original to a specific theme or brief for exhibitions or individuals. The underlying intention shaping ilanaDesign is that of merging my creative backgrounds to produce either commercially-based products or art pieces depending on the occasion that presents itself. I am very interested – going forward –in doing large-scale sculptural works, giving voice to each of my artistic disciplines.

You can can keep up to date with me and what I do as well as see examples of my jewellery work here on my blog. Enjoy!

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You can also find ilanaDesign on

And there’s more; view my artworks and graphic design work portfolios here



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