Commissioned pieces

Circles R Forever rings

Circles R Forever rings


‘Love & Loss’
Oxidised and brush-scratch silver ring

Stipple ring

Silver ring with matte brush finish, burnished edges and oxidised stippled pattern (based on ‘King Ring’).

Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb

‘Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb’
Multi-wearable silver, etched and oxidised ring

mim bracelet in brass and silver

‘Mim’s Bracelet’
Brass and silver

Customised Baby print cufflinks

Customised Baby print cufflinks

Customised Baby Print silver cufflinks

Customised Baby Print silver cufflinks

‘Poem on my arm’
Brass etched bracelet (my client’s favourite poem was etched into the bracelet)

Jane Sinew silver ring

A combination of brush and shiny silver. This ring is designed to be worn on both sides, this view is the back which is shiny and it gradually moves into a brush silver to the front of the design.

'Mark's Mystic' silver etched ring

‘Mark’s Mystic’
Silver man’s ring, cut, etched and oxidized with an open back.

D&G wedding rings

David & German’s wedding rings
A set of 2 silver men’s rings commissioned by and for the two grooms. Each has a different finish (one has a brush matte finish, the other a shiny finish). The design is complete when both rings are lined up.

Crown ring in silver

‘Split-Level Crown’
Silver ring

Ribbon Ring in silver

‘Ribbon Ring’
This ring is an exploration in silver meant to be worn on the ring finger with the ribbon ‘blowing’ over the pinky finger. It has a combination of shiny and brush matte finishes.

King Ring in silver

‘King Ring’
Assymetrical silver ring with pocked texture and brush finish.

Silver pendant on ribbon

This silver pendant was a commission for my client’s mother. It is made up of a combination of shiny and matte silver in a very organic design that fluidly hangs from a ribbon.

Blue-eyed Fish brass pendant with glass stone

‘Blue-Eyed Fish’
Brass pendant with a glass stone and hung on gold-coloured leather.


12 thoughts on “Commissioned pieces

  1. Your flame Love Life bracelet is great to wear and has so many admirers! Thankyou Ilana – can’t wait for my ‘fear and desire’ ring jane

  2. Pingback: 2010 in review « IlanaDesign's Blog

  3. Hola Ilana

    I keep on having to take my “love live” ring on and off as people want to admire it. It makes me feel very proud that you made it. It is really unique.



  4. Hi
    Great, you have taken jewellery at a diiffrent level… it is an art expression… its like wearing ‘art’.

    Sometime I wonder how much our immediate environment influence our expression,
    How too much of perfection and ‘beauty’ around can take us to explore the other extremes in design…

    I think for an art jewellery designer it is a challenge to make a wearable piece and not a piece only worthy of display in galleries. Your creations achieve both.

    • Hello Aeri.
      I want to thank you for your beautiful compliment. It’s very much appreciated. I’m touched by your comment.
      Thank you.
      ps- how did you find my blog and welcome and thank you for visiting it!

      • Hi Ilana
        I am a graphic designer by profession, just bumped into ur blog while surfing once and found some bold daring work in jewellery. Best wishes… keep the good work going.

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