How to commission a piece

Me at my workbench

Hello and thank you for visiting my blog! If you are here that’s because you are thinking about having a special and one-of-a-kind piece made either for yourself, a friend or someone you love. I’m here to tell you how to do this!

It’s all here in 10 easy steps! 😀

  1. Call or email me and introduce yourself. 😀
  2. Describe what you have in mind.
  3. We chit chat about the kind of piece it’s to be and what materials to use.
  4. I go off, do some sketching and put together an estimate quote.
  5. I get in touch with you and if you’re happy with my proposal (idea/price) I take a 50% deposit to begin.
  6. I go away and do my thing.
  7. We may need to meet for a fitting (ie if it’s a ring).
  8. I complete the creation and either hand-deliver or post your special piece to you in my nice little (or big) packaging.
  9. You pay the balance once you receive it.
  10. You smile from ear to ear 😀 because you just purchased something special and handmade with love and attention!

So? Ready to chit chat?

07841 478 425

The making of Brian’s ring


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